Keni, Gun, Mårten and Johannes joined and presented the AnimalSense in the Workshop in SLU with Alnarp.


Tisdag 12/2

09:00 Samling SLU Umeå (Våning 5, Skogis)

09:25 Hämtning på flyget (Tomas)

10:00 Fika på RBD (Introduktion av varandra)

11:00 Visning av ladugård mm.

Transport till Campus

12.30 Lunch på Campus

13:30 Kort om NJV (Mårten)

13:50 Greenfeed bakgrund och demo (Mohamad)

14:10 Animal Sense (Gun och Mårten)

14:30 Kaffe

15:00 Doktorand projekt fodereffektivitet (Abdulai)

15:30 Giga cow (Tomas Klingström)

16:00 Wrap up session

Onsdag 13/2

08:30 Forskning fodereffektivitet (Pekka)

09:10 Laboratorium (Ann-Sofie)

09:30 Fika

10:00 Alnarp presenterar:

– Oleksiy Guzhva: New technological solutions for agriculture (sensor technology, computer vision, IoT and digitalised agriculture, smart buildings)

– Sarah-Lina Schild: Research that contributes to improve production environments for animals, both those housed in conventional and in organic systems, to promote animal welfare and production (outdoor housing systems in particular)

– Maria Rørvang: How animals perceive and interact with their physical and social environment (motivations of animals and their cognitive capacities, which ultimately can improve the housing systems and management, as well as enhance the enjoyment of humans and animals working/living together)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Gemensamma diskussioner